Field Insertions

Field Insertions are an easy way to insert information directly from Smokeball Matter Details into your templates.

This feature allows you to enter information once in Smokeball and use it multiple times. Remove the need for copy and pasting repetitive information in your templates.

How to Insert a Field into a Template

  • To insert a field, (1) highlight the desired field in the document and (2) double click the appropriate field to insert the field.
    • We recommend using generic fields like "client/other side" or "initiating party/responding party" over specific fields. Learn more about Field Insertion Best Practices.
    • Once you have inserted the field, you will see the field inserted like "<<Client/Full Name(s) (All Parties)>>."

  •  If the same text appears in more than one place in your document, Right Click and select "Insert & Replace All" to replace all fields.
    •  Note: Be careful when using this feature. For example: If you are replacing "he," Insert & Replace all will change everywhere the letters "he" appear including "the"

  • You can switch between showing the values and fields in your document
    • This feature is helpful when you feel you have inserted the correct field, but in "show values," nothing is inserted. Double check you properly entered in the details into your Matter Details.

  • Once any Field (or Ask) has been inserted, you can change the format by:
    • (1) Select the field (do not highlight or you will not see the option) .
    • (2) Select the format.
    • (3) Apply format.

  • You can enable Microsoft Word’s field shading feature to view what words in your template are automated by following the directions below:
    • From File, select options and advanced
    • Scroll down to "show document content" and select "always" under field shading.
    • Select "ok."
    • The document will show any inserted fields from automation.

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