How To Navigate the Smokeball Support Hub

Below you will find information on how to navigate our training articles and videos.

Basic Navigation

(1) Search: Search for what you are looking for by topic. Try using keywords in an advanced search.

(2) Server Status: Is Smokeball down? Check for outages on our status page.

(3) Community: Access the Smokeball Community to learn how to make the most out of Smokeball from like-minded users.

(4) Quick Links: Select any quick link for commonly accessed parts of Smokeball's Support Hub.

(5) Topics: View help articles related to all features in Smokeball.

(6) FAQs: Jump directly to help articles based on the most commonly asked questions.

(7) Talk to our Team: Prefer to chat with our team? Submit a request here.

(8) Get remote assistance: If any of our team members need to access your Smokeball firm remotely, enter the 6-digit code here.


How to watch a video in an article

Most articles have short videos on how a particular feature works in Smokeball. You can view each video on the web page, but for best viewing, expand the video to full screen.


Article viewing tips and tricks

  • Each article has a step-by-step guide with pictures walking you through how to use a feature in Smokeball.
    • If an image is too small to read, click the image to zoom in to a full-size image.
    • Use the Table of contents on the right side of an article to quickly navigate between sections.
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