January 2021 Smokeball Communicate Release Notes

Smokeball Communicate SMS message Reply

Smokeball Communicate SMS messaging now allows for the recipient of the message to reply without needing to download the Smokeball Communicate App to their device or to sign in to Smokeball Communicate. 

  • When a SMS/Text message is received, the third party/recipient will now get a link to reply (this replaces the previous “DO NOT REPLY” text);

  • Each recipient of that SMS will receive a unique reply link.
  • On click of the reply link, If the recipient has the app installed, they will be taken to the app to view and reply to the conversation the recipient does not have the app installed, they will be presented with their device’s default browser and a cut down version of the conversation with a message box to reply to the SMS/Text message.

  • The recipient can type out a response and hit SEND.. They do not need to log in or enter any two-factor authorization information.
  • The recipient can click on an App link at the top of the browser to download and access the full conversation and functionality from the Smokeball Communicate App.
  • The firm will receive the SMS response in the Communicate conversation with a wrapper to indicate that it was sent via the quick link and not the Communicate web or mobile app.

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