June 2021 Smokeball Communicate Release

  • Smokeball Communicate now offers the ability for users to choose whether they would like to disable Two Factor Authentication.
  • Two Factor Authentication is a great tool for keeping information like financial or medical records secure.
  • However, for those users who don't need that level of security Smokeball Communicate can be easier to use by not requiring a cell phone number for its use. 

  • When a firm initiates a Smokeball Communicate conversation with, for example, their client, the client will receive an email to with instructions on how to access Smokeball Communicate: 

  • The client will click on the "Get Started" link in the email, and will be sent directly in to their Smokeball Communicate conversation.  
  • The client will no longer need to set up Two Factor Authentication access their Smokeball Communicate messages:

  • The Client will be able to click on the message on the top of the screen to set up Two Factor Authentication. They can also click on the the menu in the upper right hand of their Smokeball Communicate screen to access the Two Factor Authentication settings: 

  • When the client turns on Two Factor Authentication, they can use the Authentication app or SMS to establish the secure connection. 

  • If the client signs out or goes directly to communicate.smokeball.com, they will be able to enter their email address and a log in link will be sent to that address: 

Please Note:

  • Existing conversations won’t have any changes made to authentication. Third parties can go to their security settings and turn MFA off, but by default it stays on.
  • Firm control of security will be released at a later date; for now third parties will be the ones who can turn it on and off.
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