Learn how to integrate Smokeball Billing with LawPay, the go-to credit card processing company for law firms.

By integrating with LawPay, your clients can pay their invoices with credit cards or accept Trust deposits via LawPay.

When purchasing a LawPay subscription, any level or subscription will work for the Smokeball integration.

Learn more about LawPay or Visit LawPay’s Support Resources.

This article will walk through how to activate and use LawPay in Smokeball.

How to activate LawPay

  • Once you have a LawPay account set up, go to firm settings in Smokeball Billing.

  • Select Payment Provider and click on the LawPay Icon

  • Log into LawPay

  • Once logged in, you will be asked to authorize the Smokeball Billing Integration
  • To finish the activation process, enter the proper account information in Smokeball Billing LawPay settings. Note: By selecting "show credit card payment link on invoices" allows clients to pay directly from an invoice.
    • You will need to link both Operating and Trust Accounts for the integration to work properly

How clients can pay by credit card or ACH (eCheck) payment 

  • Clients can pay directly from an invoice by selecting the link.
    • Note: if you prefer to use your firm's global link to LawPay, you will need to manually apply the payment in Smokeball Billing.

  • Your client will be prompted to enter a credit card payment or their checking account information. 
    • It will be processed through LawPay and payment added to directly to the invoice in Smokeball Billing.


At this time, Smokeball Billing's integration with LawPay does not support the Clientcare feature.

Adding QR Codes to Invoices

  • Smokeball Billing's integration with LawPay also includes the ability to have a unique QR code displayed on your invoices. 
  • When the debtor receives the invoice via U.S. mail, they will be able to scan the QR code with their smartphone and be taken to the invoice's LawPay payment page. 
  • QR Codes on Invoices can be turned on by going to Smokeball Billing > Firm Settings > LawPay > click on the checkbox next to "Show scan to pay." 
  • Upon finalizing an invoice, a QR Code labeled Scan to pay will appear below the Amount Due in the top right-hand corner.

How to accept credit card information manually

  • To enter a credit card payment manually, select "Pay by Credit Card" on the invoice

  • Manually enter the credit card info in the pop up screen to complete the payment
    • The credit card payment will be processed through LawPay and payment added to the invoice in Smokeball Billing.

Trust Deposit with LawPay

  • Use the LawPay integration to accept credit card deposits for a trust account. You can manually enter the credit card deposit information or send out a request for a client to complete the transaction online through LawPay.
  • If you accept a trust deposit via credit card, select "credit card deposit" from the transactions tab in a matter

Credit Card Deposit Request

  • Select "Credit Card Deposit Request" to send an email to the client requesting funds. The email will contain a link for your client to click on and submit a credit card payment online. 

Did you know...

    • Smokeball payment plans can automatically charge stored credit cards through LawPay. Learn more about Payment Plans.
    • Once a payment is received, your client receives a receipt to their email.

    • The LawPay payment transaction will also be located in LawPay.

    • Reversals on payments in Smokeball billing do not get sent to LawPay
    • Refunds issued in LawPay do not get sent to Smokeball Billing. 
    • If you are making any reversal in Smokeball Billing, make sure to also make the reversal in LawPay.
    • For more information about transaction limitations and restrictions, please visit LawPay's website and review their terms of service.
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