Matter Details

The Matter Details area contains all the important information for a given matter - from parties and property addresses to courts and opposing attorneys.

Every Matter Type is built specifically for your area of law and jurisdiction.

All the info added into the Matter Details can used to quickly fill in Forms & Templates so the more information you enter into Matter Details, the less duplicate entry you will need to do on your documents.

You don't need to add all the information to create a new matter, but the best practice is to enter as much info as you can so all important details are in one place.

How to Add Matter Details

  • You can add additional fields  You can add additional parties and data by accessing the Matter Settings.
    • Select or uncheck any box to add or remove parties and data.
    • If you find yourself regularly adding or removing parties and data, the best practice is to use Matter Templates. Learn more about Matter Templates.

Did you know…

  • If you keep on removing or adding certain fields to a matter, you create a Matter Template.
    • Matter Templates will save you time creating matters by eliminating the need to add or remove parties or data.
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