Past Due Reminders

Smokeball Billing has the ability to send past due reminders to clients with no new balance. This feature is helpful for any clients that do not require a new invoice to be sent out, but still have a balance due.

This article walks through how to set up and use Past Do Reminders.

Invoice Reminders Set Up and Settings

How to Send Past Due Invoice Reminders

Past Due Reminders Set Up and Settings

  • Invoice Reminders are located under Email Templates.

  • Invoice Reminder settings allow you to set the email template and add options to the invoice reminder
    • (1) Edit the email template. All available placeholders are located as you scroll down.
    • (2) Choose to send a  copy of the email reminder to the user logged in to Smokeball Billing.
    • (3) Preview the Invoice Reminder.

  • Scroll down to add in any custom notes, choose to show account summary, and save your settings.

How to Send Past Due Invoice Reminders

  • You can find Reminders on the Invoices tab as shown below
    • (1) There are a variety of filters to narrow down which reminders you want to send
    • (2) Select which debtors to send reminders to
    • (3) Choose "combine in PDF" for printing or downloading to send or "email reminder" to email directly from Smokeball Billing.

  • Once a Reminder has been sent, the "Last Reminder" column will show the date the reminder was last sent.
    • Select "..." to preview, view, or email an individual reminder

  • If a client has several past due invoices, select the arrow to see more detail and select individual invoices.

  • Below is an example of an email of the reminder and the attached Past Due Invoice Reminder.

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