Saving a Conflict Check Report

Smokeball Conflict Checking

When it comes time to search your Smokeball database for potential conflicts of interest, Smokeball allows you to save a report of our powerful Advanced Search results to the corresponding lead or matter. 

Disclaimer: This report is intended to aid in the performance of a conflict check but may not represent a complete and total conflict check. You are responsible for any additional appropriate steps to complete a conflict check as required by your jurisdiction.

Saving the Conflict Check Report

  • When conducting a search in the Advanced Search tab, you can select  "Save Conflict Check"

  • Upon selecting this option, you will be presented with a pop-up to assign the results to an existing matter or lead and record any notes you have regarding the results


  • You can also rename the PDF and choose a folder in the matter. 

  • When ready, you can choose to save the PDF to the matter and move on or save the PDF to the matter and open it for you to review

  • This will save a PDF copy of the conflict check results to the matter or lead containing all search results and any notes you took down at the time of assessment

Search Results and Matter Permissions: 

  •  A warning will be displayed when there are documents or memos restricted from view due to matter permissions set against the user conducting the search to ensure that the results provide a full picture of what may exist in Smokeball.
  • This is intended to help the intended reader of the report understand that there may be important items missing and decide whether to explore further

The Conflict Check PDF:

  • The resulting PDF will contain a list of all the search results seen in the Advanced Search interface.
  • The cover page will display
    • The name of the user that conducted the search
    • The name of the matter the PDF was saved to
    • A timestamp of when the search was conducted
    • The notes added at the time of saving
    • A hyperlinked summary list of totals

  • The remaining pages will contain the results of the search.

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