Smokeball Start - Activity Codes

Activity Codes are five character codes used to manually track time, fees, or expenses on any matter.

Activity Codes can be created in the firm settings of Smokeball Start. 

How To Set Up Activity Codes

  • Navigate to Time & Activities in Firm Settings.

  • Activity Codes can be created and edited in Time & Activities.
    • Select "Create an Activity" to create a new code or click on an existing code in the list to make changes to it.

  • Activity Codes can be created to quickly generate fee, time, and expense entries.

  • When creating an activity code, use up to five characters and fill in the details you would like to automate. You can use special characters including "-" as well.
    • Note: you can edit any field (rate, quantity, hours, etc.)  when creating a time, fee, or expense entry; Activity Codes are just a great place to start!

  • Now when you create Time / Fee or Expense entries, you can utilize your activity codes to expedite the process!

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