Smokeball Start - Individual Invoices

Once all Time, Fee, and Expense entries have been entered, you create invoices to send to clients. This article walks through how to create an individual draft or final invoice.

You can also bulk create invoices with Smokeball Start. Learn more about how to create bulk invoices.

Creating Invoices on a Matter

  • On a matter, select "CREATE INVOICE".

  • Review invoice details
    • Update the Debtor, Issue Date/Due Date, Template, Title, and Subtitle.
    • Choose Invoice Options that will appear on the invoice.
      •  Note: the options pre-selected will be from the selections made in the invoice template

  • Continue to scroll down and review Time/Fees and Expenses.
    • (1) Edit, Add, or Remove Entries.
    • (2) Review or Add/Remove Entries by selecting the check box.
    • (3) Select the checkbox in the "W/O" column to write off any entry. Select the circled arrow in the "View" column to get a pop-up Time/Fee Details box, where you can make further edits to the entry. 
  • On the right side of the screen, you will see the option to apply a discount next to the subtotal amount on the draft invoice. 
    • Discounts can be given with a specific dollar amount or percentage of time and fees.
    • On the right side of the screen, preview the invoice or save it as a draft. Invoices should be in draft mode until you are ready to send them to a client.
  • Select "final," payment methods, and Finalize Draft to finish finalizing your invoice.
    • Apply no payment right now: no payment will be applied to the invoice.
    • Apply payments manually: click review payment allocation to apply specific funds.
    • Apply payments automatically: trust funds will apply first from the contact with the lowest balance; to change the allocation, apply payments manually.
    • You can choose to email the invoice to a client immediately from the Finalize and Send option.
  •  Once you select Finalize Draft, you will have additional options for this invoice.
    • Add payment, email, and download.
    • Void, Edit, Waive invoices. Note: If a payment is applied, you must delete it before you can edit or void the invoice.
    • Setup Payment Plans.
    • Review email status.

  • Any invoice saved as a draft can be deleted. If a draft invoice is deleted, all time, fees, and expenses are once again available to add to a new invoice.
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