Version 7.1 Release Notes

Version 7.1 of Smokeball includes some exciting new features, including:

Billing: Add Summary Column to Time & Fees List 
Share the Love Smokeball Referrals
Updates to Matter Timeline 

Billing: Add Summary Column to Time & Fees List 

Users are now able to get a quick overview of what type of work is included in grouped fees from both the home screen and matter specific Time & Expenses view. 

  • This new feature allows the user to see what is included in a grouped fee without having to double-click on the grouped fee, which displays the breakdown of billed work.
  • Simply right click on the subject column to toggle between the subject view and summary view. 

Share the Love Smokeball Referrals

Some of our most enthusiastic advocates for Smokeball are our users. Starting with Version 7.1, users can refer Smokeball to their friends and colleagues from within Smokeball itself.

  • In Version 7.1, you can initiate a referral by clicking on the   icon on the home page.  
  • If a referral results in a demo of Smokeball, the referrer will receive a gift card or a donation to a charity of their choice.
  • Learn more about Smokeball Referrals.

Matter Timeline Updates
  • The Matter Timeline can now be easily expanded or collapsed by right clicking on any arrow. 

  • The current date will always remain at the top of the Matter Timeline to ensure that you will always know what date you are looking at. 

  • Matter Timeline can now be filtered by activity types. This can be especially helpful if users want to use the timeline to view only communication related events to keep a running list of all inbound and outbound communications, from phone calls to Smokeball Communicate messages. 

  • Matter Stage changes are now included as a new item in Matter Timeline. 

  • Matter Timeline now offers the ability to view a preview of the message without needing to open it. 

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