One of the quickest ways to find anything in Smokeball is to utilize either the "Quick Search" function or the "Advanced Search" view. 

The Quick Search allows you to find a matter, task, or other information in Smokeball using a unique matter number. The "Advanced Search" can be found in its own tab when a global search is performed.

When searching for a keyword in Smokeball, you will now be provided with a real-time results list to allow you to quickly access the item you are searching for.

Quick Search

Advanced Search

Quick Search

The Quick Search will provide the top 5 results for Leads, Matters, Contacts, Events, and Tasks. (Note: In Quick Search, you are only seeing Open Leads and Matters, future Events, and incomplete Tasks).

Quick Search has the following helpful functionalities.

  • Suggested Text: As you type a search term, Smokeball will suggest a result based on your previous search terms.

  • Keyboard Shortcut: You can quickly jump to the search bar by hitting “/” on your keyboard while on the main Smokeball screen.

  • Full Result Labels: Under each Quick Search category, we have provided the total number of results, so you can assess if you need to proceed to advanced searching.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search includes the following helpful functionalities.

  • Full list: Review a full list of matched results with a broader amount of information on each.

  • Result counts: See a summarized count on each tab within so you can easily jump to an area with a positive result.

  • More result types: Includes global memos and document searching.

  • Additional filtering: Within certain areas, you can further filter down your search results.

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