Billing Release April 2022


Save Matter Invoices into Matter Document Automatically

  • Firm Owners can now turn on the ability to Auto-save finalized invoices from Smokeball Billing to the Matter in the Windows native app.
    • This setting is found in the firm settings in the Windows native app  in Time & Billing > Billing Integrations > Options > Auto-save Billing related PDF documents to a matter.
  • Once selected any finalized invoices from that point forward will save in a newly created folder in the matter labeled Billing>Invoices.
  • If a finalized invoice is edited or deleted in Smokeball Billing, it will be removed from the Smokeball Windows native app.

  • Learn more about auto-saving finalized invoices.

View and Restore Deleted Matters

  • Deleted matters can now be found on the global matters screen in Smokeball Billing in the Matter Status filter under Deleted.
  • When viewing a deleted matter, the restore matter option will now show, which when selected will change the matter status from Deleted to Open.
  • Learn more about viewing and restoring a deleted matter in Smokeball Billing.
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