Version 7.5 Release Notes

Version 7.5 of Smokeball includes some exciting new features, including: 

Community Tab

LawToolBox: Ignore an Update

Document Search Improvements

Smokeball Community Tab 

Smokeball Community is our new hub for clients to interact with one another and Smokeball staff members. Smokeball Community users can ask questions and share their knowledge of how best to use Smokeball in their law practices.

  • Users can now access Smokeball Community directly from the Smokeball desktop app.

Note: Each user will need to create a new Smokeball Community account. This will be a separate log in from the Smokeball app.

LawToolBox: Ignore an Update

  • Prior to the Smokeball 7.5 Release,  when the LawToolBox deadlines update, the user who opens the dialog box is required to decline or accept the changes for all deadline updates and all users, whether they are assigned to the deadline or line.  it has to make a decline or accept
  • The deadline updates screen has been refreshed to allow users to filter by assignee with options to accept, reject or skip the deadlines for later review.
  • When a rule is update by LawToolBox, all users at the firm will receive a Communicate message in a channel called Court Rules. 

  • When the user clicks the link in the message, they will see the deadline updates screen. The assignee filter will be set to the current user.

  • The user will see a list of deadlines that have been updated and require decision, organized by ruleset.
  • Then the user can choose to accept the change or reject the change per deadline.
  • The user can uncheck the ruleset if they would like to skip the decision at the moment and revisit or to allow another user to make the decision.
  • There is a legend at the bottom of the window showing users what each toggle means.

Document Search Improvements

  • Smokeball now offers improved document search functionality. Within Smokeball, users will now benefit from document OCR search (optical character recognition). This means that Smokeball can now search for text within newly imported PDFs and images, such as scanned documents, hand written notes, etc.
  • Additionally, searching will now provide more expanded and accurate results by searching for words from the same stem (a search for filing could return file) while still weighting exact matches higher than the non-exact (results with the exact search term will still appear first).
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