Version 7.6 Release Notes

Version 7.6 of Smokeball includes some exciting new features, including: 

Advanced PDF Functionality

Matter Timeline Updates

Advanced PDF Functionality
  • Smokeball now offers increased functionality in the Combine PDF feature:
  • Users have the ability to add a cover page, table of contents, page numbers, and bookmarks to a combined pdf: 

  • Bates Numbering is now available in the Combine PDF feature. Bates Numbers can be formatted to the users preferences: 

  • Users can also now add password protection to the documents they create in the Combine PDF feature:

Matter Timeline Updates
  • The Matter Timeline is designed to give users a running list of key events that occur on the matter throughout its lifecycle.
  • Previously, the Matter and Lead critical dates were not included in this however they are quite important events to be aware of when reviewing what has happened.
  • Users can now see this information within the timeline:

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