Version 7.9 Release Notes

Version 7.9 of Smokeball includes some exciting new features, including: 

Clearer Communicate Notifications

Additional fields in contact view 

Save As for Smokeball Automated PDFs

Global Settlement Negotiations Report 

Real Estate - Realtor Report Update 

Litigation - Pleading Details Report

Clearer Communicate Notifications
  • Now, when you send Smokeball Communicate messages from the Smokeball main matter screen, you will receive a notification that the message is being sent: 

Additional fields in contact list 
  • The Contact view in Smokeball can now display a contact's Title, Work Phone, and Residential Address as columns. 
  • Additionally, Work Phone and Residential Address are now searchable fields.

Save As for Smokeball Automated PDFs
  • When creating or editing a Smokeball Automated PDF, you can now use Save As similar to in Microsoft Word. You can find it under the Save & Close button. 
  • When choosing Save As, you can rename and change the save location of the PDF. 

Global Settlement Negotiations Report 
  • This report displays all information entered in the Settlement Negotiations layout across all matters.
  • This is especially helpful for Personal Injury firms to track settlements by Insurance company.
  • You can display all entries or outstanding demands only.

Real Estate - Realtor Report Update 
  • We've updated the Real Estate - Realtor Report to include the Realtor Role, so that you can run the report for only Buy or only Sell matters if applicable.
  • We've also combined the phone and address columns so that the report is easier to read.

Litigation - Pleading Details Report
  • Smokeball now offers the Litigation - Pleading Details Report. This report displays all information from the Pleadings Details Section of Case Details. 

  • This report will help you keep track of key filing dates across matters. Users will be able to sort the dates chronologically or filter by matter type. 
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