April 2022 Smokeball Communicate Release Notes

We've added SMS responses for Communicate so that your clients will be able to reply to SMS messages without having to go through a link or through the Communicate App. 

How to use this feature:

Simply send an SMS message to your client in the Communicate App by clicking the "Send as SMS" button just as you do now:

The client will receive an SMS message on their phone and they can simply reply as they would any other SMS message.

The response from the client will get saved back into your matter with the option to show the original message so you know exactly what the client is responding to.

A client will only be able to respond via SMS if they are in one conversation with your firm. If you start a separate conversation with the client, whether the same or different matters, the client will be blocked from responding.

If a client is in two or more conversations,  they will receive this message if they attempt to reply via SMS: “System Message: You have received two or more separate conversations, please use the provided links to reply.”

This will happen if two or more separate conversations take place within a three-month period, regardless of any response previously made by your client. A client can still respond to the SMS message via the links in the original message or via the Communicate App.

Right justify the two-way SMS toggle

We've also moved the "Send as SMS" option so that it appears closer to the SEND button, allowing it to be more visible.

We have also left-justified the character(s) remaining count, making it easier to see.

Only allow the sending of SMS messages to be sent to the same region

SMS messages are now restricted to only being sent to and received from the same region to ensure proper delivery.

If you attempt to send a client an SMS with an international number, the message “You cannot send SMS messages to international numbers (+nnnnnnnnnn)" will appear.

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