Version 8.3 Release Notes

Version 8.3 of Smokeball includes some exciting changes, including the following.

Letter Addressee Improvements

When you generate a blank letter, the matter contacts assigned to a firm, business, or organization will be shown in the window, allowing you to select which recipients you are writing to.

Once the letter is generated, only the selected matter contacts are passed through to the document and will be shown in the address block and salutation.

Previously, when generating a blank letter and there is only one party type on the matter (e.g. one client when writing a letter to the client), you would not see the recipient selection window. Now, suppose there is only one relevant party on the matter and the party is an organization with more than one matter contact. In that case, you will see the recipient selection window with the organization and all matter contacts preselected. The user can deselect some or all matter contacts and generate the letter.

There are times when matter contacts are assigned to an organization even though you don’t want to address the letter to anyone. You can do this by selecting the organization and then deselecting all matter contacts.

Highlighting has been added so when you hover over a party organization or contact, you can see the connection between the organization and contacts.


Matter Contact Widget

You now have the ability to individually copy phone numbers, full name, address, and email address from the Contact Card widget.

When viewing the contact details widget on a matter, you can right-click on the information you need to copy specific information (e.g. phone number only). You can then paste your copied text where needed.


InfoTrack Process Serving

InfoTrack now offers process serving all around the United States. Smokeball will support that integration for all states regardless of whether they currently can eFile through Smokeball + InfoTrack integration.

We’ve added a Process Serving button to the matter heading to allow firms to initiate the InfoTrack Service of Process from the matter. Once the button is clicked, you will be directed to InfoTrack’s website to complete the order.

Process Serving button is also available in the documents section in a matter via the right-click context menu. Right-clicking a document and selecting Process Serving will direct the user to InfoTrack’s website to complete the order with the document preselected.

For matters in California, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Texas, Florida, or Maryland, the eFiling button will now say File & Serve. Once you click on the File & Serve button, they will be able to choose from eFiling or Process Serving. These states will also have eFiling and Process Serving available in the documents section in a matter via the right-click context menu.


When the service has been requested, InfoTrack sends the documents to the process server which will serve the respective party. Once complete, the process server will provide a document showing proof of service, which will be automatically saved to the Smokeball matter. An expense will also be added to the matter for the cost of the service.

Once the service has been fulfilled, an entry will be added to the matter timeline.


Global Litigation Report

This report will allow you to pull a list of all your matters currently in litigation once a case has been filed. This means you have entered a Case Number in the Case Details layout.

The following fields are included in this report: Internal Reference, Client, Other Side, Case Number, Jurisdiction (including Jurisdiction, County, Division, Circuit, District, and Township), Courthouse, Courthouse Phone, SOL Date, and Complaint Filed Date.

You can apply these filters to customize your report: Date Opened From, Date Opened To, Matter Status, Matter Type, and Attorney Responsible.


Real Estate – Critical Date

This report has been updated to include reporting on the First Commitment Date and Second Commitment Dates. These dates are conditional on the Contract Version being C.A.R. and will only show on the Closing Details layout when the Property Address > Zip Code shows the property is in the city of Chicago. If the Contract Version is C.A.R., the date returned in the Mortgage Contingency Date column will first look to whether there is a Second Commitment Date and display that, else display the First Commitment Date.

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