Billing Release September 2022

September’s Billing release contains updates and a bug fix to Smokeball Billing and Smokeball Start. Read on to learn more. 

New Features

Grow and Prosper Feature

Sending invoices through Communicate is exclusive to Grow and Prosper users.


  • When you create a matter from a contact, the Contact field will now be automatically pre-populated with the contact you’re viewing.  
  • The Pay Now button on PDF invoices is now larger. blobid0.png
  • The Protected Trust Funds feature will now only be displayed if Trust accounts are enabled for your firm.  
  • Added an Include firm logo option to reports.
    • Use this toggle instead of Include firm header to generate a report which includes your firm’s logo without the rest of your firm’s details.


  • Credits Applied column labels in the Matter Balances report and exported Matter Balances .CSV file are now more consistent.
  • You can now filter Invoice Reminders by Matter Type.
  • The Finalize with Payments and Bulk Trust Payments screens now separate thousandths with commas.
  • The Deposit Slip page now includes an entered date (the date the transaction was entered into Smokeball Billing).
    • The Date field has also been renamed to Transaction Date.
  • The Only show invoices that have been reminded before checkbox on the Retainers tab no longer touches the label text

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where changing the matter billing configuration cleared the minimum retainer settings.  
  • Fixed an issue where dynamically labelled field names (e.g., Client (Payor)) were not correctly displayed when editing a matter.
  • It is no longer possible to have identical client and other side role names when creating a matter.
  • The fees table will no longer overlap with the QR code on invoices that do not have a title or subtitle.
  • Currency values will now consistently use commas to separate thousands (e.g., $2,500,000.00). 
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