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Available on Smokeball Prosper+ AutoTime_only.png

  1. Select the activity tab within a matter. blobid0.png
  2. From the Activity tab, you can:
    • Print Activity or Export Activity to CSV.
    • Change the date range or select a custom date range from the advanced filters.
    • See all staff or select a specific staff member.
    • See time spent or edit/add the duration of items.
    • See a visual representation of all activities. Hover over any of the charts for additional details.


  • Filter by staff and date range to get insight into how staff are spending their time. This feature is helpful for managing remote staff or improving staff productivity and performance. 
    • If you filter by day, you can see an hour-by-hour breakdown of how each staff member is spending their time in Smokeball.


Did You Know

  • If not all your activity is listed, select the refresh link to update the activity. blobid3.png
  • You can create additional activities that are not already tracked in Smokeball by entering a separate activity. blobid4.png
  • You can choose to print the timeline with or without the chart. blobid5.png
  • Smokeball tracks various types of Activity. Learn more about which Activity types are tracked


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