Print or Export Activity Intelligence

*This feature is available exclusively to Smokeball Prosper users.

You can print or export Activity Intelligence from the main Activity Intelligence Area or from an individual matter.

This is a helpful way to:

  • Show a client everything completed over time or a custom date range
  • Create an itemized list of completed activities to make sure everything properly gets billed
  • Use as a business analytic tool to know how much work you are completing for your rate.

Print or Export an Activity

  •  Select Print or Export from the Matter Activity tab or from Activity Intelligence Area

  •  Print options: Select to include "Timeline" chart or list all activities. *Note: Set the date range or select a custom date range before printing to include everything you want on the report.

  •  Exported Activity Intelligence Report

Did you know...

  • If not all your activity is listed, "refresh" to update the activity.

  • Change the date range or select a custom date range using the filters available.


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