Closing Details and Calendar Dates

One of the great things about Smokeball's Real Estate matter type is it has the specific closing details and closing dates all in the matter details. With a few clicks you can choose which critical dates populate to your calendar

How to add Real Estate Critical Dates to the Calendar

1. Open the "Closing Details" under the matter details of a matter

2. Enter in appropriate information for Price and Earnest Money Breakdown. This information will be critical in generating a closing statement.

  • (1) Enter critical dates in relation to a specific contract version. Note: The Attorney Review and Inspection Dates will auto-fill based on parameters set to the right.
  • (2) Select "Create Events"

3. Add the events to your calendar

  • (1) Invite attendee's(s) calendars you want to add the event to.
  • (2) Select Create

4. Calendar events will appear in the matter and on your Calendar View in Smokeball. You can create a "Closing Calendar" or "Critical Date" calendar from the calendar view.

Did you know...

  • Under reports, you can run a Real Estate Critical Dates and Closing Dates report for a certain period of time and download as a PDF or Excel file.

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