Real Estate Property Details

It is easy to keep track of important property details including address,, pin/lot size, legal description, property type, etc. in the matter details. It is important to note that depending on what state you are in, the property details may look a little different. This article focuses on an Illinois Real Estate matter.

Property Details Basics

1. Under the matter details, open property details

2. Enter in appropriate information on the property including:

  • Address, State, Zip, County, and Township
  • PIN(s) & Lot Size(s). You can add additional PINs if you are working with a condo building.
  • Legal Description
  • Property Type: Condominium, Housing Cooperative, Mixed Use, Single Family Residence, etc.
  • Tenancy: Tenants in common, tenants by the entirety, or joint tenants

Did you know...

  • Information added into the property details is available to automate in documents including file cover sheets, letters, etc.
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