Guardianship Workflows

This article walks through an example workflow for Guardianship matters. Since every law firm and jurisdiction may be a little different, we encourage you to edit this workflow based on your own preferences or jurisdictional requirements.

If you are new to Smokeball and Workflows, review Workflows on specifics on how to create a workflow. It is simple to assign tasks to an attorney responsible, person assisting, or specific staff members.

For Cook County, Illinois reference the Illinois Guardianship & Advocacy Commission for further information on the Guardianship process.

Sample Guardianship Workflow

  1. Obtain report certifying the person is disabled and needs a Guardian
  2. Prepare the documents
    1. Petition
    2. Rights notice
    3. Summons
    4. Notice to Interested Parties
    5. Oath
    6. Bond
    7. Statement
    8. Order (proposed order to appoint a GAL if need be)
  3. File the Petition
  4. Hearing (date must be within 30 days of filing)

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