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In Real Estate matters, you may have two people buying a home together that live at the same addess or they may live at different addresses. You may have realtors that work out of multiple offices or change companies frequently. Follow the best practices below to ensure document creation and automation is seamless and easy.

How to add:

Multiple Buyers or Sellers



Multiple Buyers or Sellers

  • If both parties live at the same address and need to be referred to in the same letters, enter the parties on the same contact card. Note: You can use Replace References if you need to create individual documents for each contact.

  • If parties live at separate addresses and need to be referred to in different letters, right click on buyer/seller and add a buyer/seller two

Adding Attorneys:

  • Enter as a Firm/Organization/Business. Note: Even if the attorney is a solo practicioner. Enter them as an organization and name the firm "Law office of..."
  • Add Attorney(s) as individual contacts


  • (1) Enter as a person. Title companies will be entered as a "Firm/Business/Organization"
  • (2) Designate location under "Care of" line

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