Smokeball Start - Add Payments to Individual Invoice

Smokeball Start offers options to apply payments to an individual invoice both during and after the finalization process.

Smokeball Start makes it easy to make payments to multiple invoices from the same client or even bulk finalize invoices with payments from trust or operating retainer.

This article walks through making payments to an individual invoice. Learn more about Adding Payments to Multiple Invoices and Bulk Finalizing Invoices.

Applying a Payment after Finalizing

Applying a Payment while Finalizing

Invoice Payment Receipt

Applying a Payment after Finalizing

  • If an invoice has already been finalized, select "add payment"

  •  Follow the steps and enter the payment details.
    • If funds are available in an operating or trust account, you will have the option to pay from those accounts.
    • Note:  Adding an overpayment to a single invoice will deposit the additional amount to the operating retainer.

Applying a Payment while Finalizing

  • If there are funds in trust or operating retainer for this matter, you can apply a payment to an invoice while finalizing the invoice. 
    • There are two options to apply payments.
    • Toggle on Auto-allocate payments to let Smokeball Billing select which account to apply funds from first according to your Smokeball Settings.

  • Use the Review option to select how much to apply and from which account.
    • Choose specific dollar amounts from the available funds and select "apply allocations" to finalize your payment options.

Invoice Payment Receipt (Invoice Statement)

Once an invoice has been finalized, you can provide a receipt of that payment.

  • Select the invoice statement button to generate a payment receipt for that invoice.
  • The Invoice Statement will appear in a new tab. The receipt will show all payments applied to the invoice and any outstanding amount due.

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