Smokeball Start - Non-Billable Entry

It is possible to create non-billable time, fixed fee, or expense entries in Smokeball Start.

All non-billable entries can be added to invoices as well. If you are looking to write off expenses, use the write-off or void features.

This article demonstrates how to create non-billable entries and generate an invoice showing all non-billable entries.

Non-Billable Time/Fee or Expense Entries

When you are working in Smokeball Start, it is easy to make entries non-billable.

  • Slide the "Billable" toggle off in any entry to make it non-billable.

Smokeball Start Time/Fee or Expense Entries:

  • When creating an invoice, choose "Show non-billable fees on invoice" or "Hide non-billable fees on invoice" as desired.
    • If there are any individual non-billable entries you do not want to appear on the invoice, unselect the corresponding checkbox on the left.

  • Non-billable entries will appear on the invoice as a $0 line item.

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