Discretionary Trust

To create a new Discretionary Trust matter, follow the steps below

  1. Select Trust > Discretionary Trust

  2. Go to Matter Info and ensure you select the Person Responsible and Person Assisting (if applicable) for your Matter. You should also record any relevant Referral information here.

  3. Next, enter your Client, including Street Address.

  4. Open the Trust Details layout, enter the Trust Name, Jurisdiction, Settled Sum and Commencement Date.

  5. You should also enter the Settlor/s, Appointor/s, Trustee/s and Beneficiaries of the Trust.
  6. If you need to add any additional contacts to your matter, go to the cog-wheel in the top-right of your matter details screen and select from Accountant, Previous Solicitor and Additional Contact.

  7. Once your matter is completed and all Trust Balances and Invoices have been settled, do not forget to close your Matter by going to the Matter Info layout and changing Status to Closed.

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