Insert Electronic Signatures with InfoTrack: SignIT

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

InfoTrack provides a range of features and services that simplify the work of lawyers and conveyancers. One of InfoTrack’s features is accepting electronic signatures with SignIT, which is powered by DocuSign.

To use this feature, you need to activate InfoTrack. Electronic signatures through InfoTrack are discounted to £2.40 per signature for Smokeball clients.

Here’s how to create electronic signatures with InfoTrack using SignIT:

  1. Generate a form or letter in Smokeball.
  2. Select the area on the document where the electronic signature will be, then select the Sign button on the Smokeball toolbar and select Add Signature.
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Description automatically generated
  3. Insert a Signature field by selecting the appropriate option. Once you click on it, a field will be inserted into the document.
    • Tip: Hold down ALT + F9 to view fields that are signed. You can also enable Field Shading in Word to show the field where the signature will be.
  4. Click back on Sign, review/edit signatures and send to sign to complete.
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