Notification Center

The Smokeball Notification Center keeps you appraised of important developments throughout your day. Notifications will alert you to specific items with direct links to assigned matters, tasks, workflows, events, or phone messages. 

Note: You will only receive notifications for other users' actions. Your own actions will not trigger a notification.

You can view notifications by selecting the bell icon in the upper right of Smokeball and selecting Notifications. Unread notifications will be distinguished by a red circle icon. 

Every notification features:

  • A message indicating its type
  • A hyperlink description of the item you are being notified about
  • A hyperlink to the matter 

You can click on the notification to open it or click on the hyperlinks to navigate to the related task/matter/etc.

Notification Appearances

The Notification Center will send a prompt when the following areas of Smokeball are updated:

  • Individual Tasks and Workflows
  • Events 
  • Phone Messages
  • Roles
  • Intake Forms


Reminders share the bell icon with notifications and selecting on a Reminder will open its pop-up window.


Enable Toast Notifications

To enable a toast notification, you will need to navigate to Windows Settings > System > Notifications & actions and toggle Get notifications from apps and other senders to on.

You can access Windows Settings by selecting the Start icon on your desktop or by pressing the Start key on your keyboard and then clicking the gear icon.

Important note for Windows 11 users

If you use Windows 11, turning on Do not disturb (formerly known as Focus Assist in Windows 10) hides updates from the Smokeball Notification Center. We recommend disabling Do not disturb if you are having trouble seeing Smokeball notifications. Learn more about Do not disturb on the Microsoft support page.  

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