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Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

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Your Dashboard features a Daily Digest widget which displays your phone messages, calendar events, and tasks. 

Daily Digest Basics

The Daily Digest can be toggled on or off depending on your widget preferences. Likewise, you can adjust the appearance and size of the Daily Digest through widget settings. Learn more about creating and customizing widgets in Smokeball

In the example below, the Daily Digest is in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard:

The Daily Digest includes an overview  upcoming Calendar Events, Phone Messages, and Tasks. Double-click any item for more details or click any hyperlinks to jump to the Matter.

Select the icon to add an Event, Task, or Phone Message from the Daily Digest.

You can also receive a daily email summary of your Daily Digest. Go to Outlook and Notifications in Smokeball settings and checkmark Send me a daily summary e-mail every morning to subscribe.

Here's a sample of the Daily Digest email:

Smokeball's Mobile App also has your Daily Digest. Use the Mobile app to keep your practice at your fingertips at all time.

Did You Know

The Daily Digest is also accessible from your Matters view. The Daily Digest on your Matters view also includes a visual indicator of your Activity. As with the Daily Digest dashboard widget, you can directly add new Calendar Events, Phone Messages, or Tasks using the icons. You can also double-click on each item to view it in detail or use the hyperlink to open the related Matter. 

You can use the envelope icon to email the Daily Digest to the selected user. You can also select the printer icon to print out a copy of the Daily Digest.

You have the option to remove events, tasks, or phone messages from the Daily Digest when customizing the widget.



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