Getting Started with Intake for Smokeball Prosper+

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Learn how to send professional intake forms to leads and clients using Smokeball LeadPro and MatterFlow, included with your Smokeball Prosper+ plan.

LeadPro Overview

LeadPro is a feature in Prosper+ that can automate client intake for your firm. It does this by providing a customizable form that is integrated into your website. This form allows potential clients to inquire about your services directly through your website.

Benefits of using LeadPro:

  • Provide a modern self-service inquiry experience for potential clients that can be accessed on your website at all times.
  • Eliminate the need for duplicating information by having form fields transfer directly to Smokeball fields in real time. 
  • View new leads and updates to lead intake forms in real-time on your dashboard.
  • It is Integrated with Lead Management reporting in Smokeball.

Get started by generating a lead intake form for your website.

MatterFlow Overview

MatterFlow simplifies the process of collecting client data for your firm. It involves sending a form to your client which automatically populates all the relevant fields in that matter as they fill it in.

Benefits of using MatterFlow:

  • Reduces the need for constant back-and-forth communication and extensive document sharing with clients.
  • Eliminate double-entry of client information as matter fields are populated as the client fills in the form.
  • Forms are pre-automated and built for each matter type and practice area.
  • Updates to matter forms can be displayed live on your dashboard.
  • Forms can be sent securely to the client from Communicate or via email.

Learn how to generate a Matter intake form to send to your client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about LeadPro and MatterFlow intake forms? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions article.

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