Bank Reconciliation in Smokeball

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Since Smokeball is your single place for depositing funds, creating invoices, and tracking payments from clients,  it is simple to reconcile your bank. 

However, there are some important steps to consider before using this feature. Review the below the instructions below especially the underlined and bold notes.

Whether you reconcile weekly, monthly, or quarterly, follow these steps to reconcile your bank account with Smokeball.

If you have never done a Bank Reconciliation in Smokeball, you will need to follow some set up instructions first.

If you have any questions with completing a Bank Reconciliation, reach out to your Account Manager to set up Billing training.

Bank Reconciliation Set Up Basics

Optional Deposit Slips

Create a Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation Set Up Basics

  • You will need to enter the last date you reconciled your account. NOTE: Once you select a date, you will not be able to enter, edit, or change any transactions prior to that date.  
    • If you are new to Smokeball or still need to enter deposits, wait to start using this feature until all relevant deposits are entered.
    • If you are new to Smokeball, you can start with a "0" balance. If you are already using Smokeball and have several transactions entered, use the Account Balances report in Reports and filter by date range to get your opening balance.
  • Before selecting a final date, make sure any trust payments or other transactions have been completed so they are available to reconcile.
    • Access Bank Reconciliation from the Accounts View.
      • You'll need to enter the desired start date as well as your opening cash book balance and select a date.
        • Note: You will not be able to enter, edit or change any transactions prior to that date.

Create Deposit Slips For Any Deposits (optional)

Create deposit slips when you deposit funds into your bank account to limit the amount of transactions you need to review for bank reconciliations. NOTE: If you reverse any transactions that were on the deposit slip, your deposit slip will not change.

  • Select "create deposit slip" from the Deposit Slips tab of Accounts.

  • Filter the date range, select transactions, and create your deposit slip.

  • The Deposit Slips tab displays the slip Id, Transaction Date, Date Entered, Reference, and Amount columns. 
    • Date Entered refers to when the transaction was entered into Smokeball.
    • You can sort the slips by clicking on the grey column headers.
  • You can print, edit, or delete a deposit slip once it has been created by clicking on the three dots to the right of the Amount column. Note: Once you complete a bank reconciliation, editing a deposit slip will not edit the reconciliation.
  • You can print, edit, or delete a deposit slip once it has been created. Note: Once you complete a bank reconciliation, editing a deposit slip will not edit the reconciliation. 



Create A Bank Reconciliation

Make sure you have entered in any deposits prior to creating a bank reconciliation. Once you reconcile, you will not be able to deposit funds or change any transactions prior to that reconcile date.

  • From Accounts, select "create bank reconciliation" on the Bank Reconciliation tab

  • Complete your Bank Reconciliation
    • (1) Enter the date range you are reconciling for.
    • (2) Enter your bank statement balance.
    • (3) Select the transactions to match up, and reconcile or save as a draft to come back later.
      • Use the search filter at the top of the table to quickly find and drill down to the transactions you're interested in.
      • Use the slide toggles next to the search filter box to add or remove certain transaction types from view.
      • Sort the table by any column to easily group or browse transactions by date, reference numbers, debit and credit amounts, etc.
      • Note: Smokeball will not allow you to reconcile unless balances match.
    • (4) Complete your reconciliation or save the progress as a draft.
      • You can also choose to print or download as a PDF a copy of your draft reconciliation using the Print button in the top left corner of the table.


  • Account Adjustments are available for trust account bank reconciliation purposes.
    • Select Adjustments to add an adjustment under any Bank Reconciliation

  • You can access any complete reconciliation by selecting from the list of your reconciliations.
    • Bank Reconciliations are available to download in PDF form.

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