Closing Statement

Closing Statement

Since Smokeball becomes the home for important Closing Details and Property Details, it is simple to set up a closing statement and then automate through the Forms & Templates Library. This article walks through how to set up a closing statement and generate a closing statement.

How to Set Up Closing Statement

How To Generate Closing Statement

How to Set Up Closing Statement

1. Open "Closing Statement" in Matter Details

2. Modify the existing closing statement information

  • Use arrows on left side to change order of items
  • Right click to edit and add values to each item

3. You can add additional or custom Credits or Debits to the closing statement. Note: Adding an item may only add it to one particular matter's closing statement. See the next step if you want this item to appear on all closing statements.

4. To add items across all matters and default items:

  • (1) Under the closing statement, select "Manage Standard Items"
  • (2) Select or deselect default items
  • (3) Add additional custom items or use the arrows to change the order of items
  • (4) Select "Apply Standard items to Current Matter" if you want any changes to be applied to the current matter you are in

How to Generate Closing Statement

1. From the Forms & Templates Library, navigate to closing documents and open "closing statement"

2. The closing statement will open in word. You can Save & Close on the Smokeball Word Ribbon to save the document to the matter and right click to convert to a PDF before sending to a client. You can also combine several closing documents into one PDF as well.

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