Field Insertions Best Practices

Field Insertions allow you to insert information directly from Smokeball Matter Details into your templates.

The best way to practice and get used to finding the appropriate field is to automate documents.

This article walks through some common fields that are used. If you are creating a form or template that you want to use across a variety of matter types, be sure to use generic terms like "Client/"Other side" or "Initiating Party/Responding Party."

Common Fields for Automation

  • Initiating Party/Responding Party and Client/Other Side
    • Use the generic terms to simplify the template and allow any template to be used across multiple Matter Types
    • Select the ">" to see more details. The best practice is to close any ">" to make scrolling through the toolbar easier.

  • Case number and Court details

  • Dates, Re Line, Dates, Attorney Responsible, Person Assisting

  • Right Click to add additional field options for multiple parties listed on the matter.

  • Firm Details

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