Customize Field Formats When Creating Automated Documents

When adding automated fields in documents, you have the option to make the fields display in a certain way, such as date or name format. The field formatting options in the Smokeball toolbar can help you with this.

To format a field:

  1. Insert a field into your document.
  2. Click on the field you wish to format. Do not select the field.
    •  Field formatting will not work if you select the field. 
    •  In the example below, the appearance of the Matter Opened Date will be modified. 
  3. Selecting the Show values button displays the default appearance of the date, February 18, 2019.
  4. Clicking on the field will bring up the Format field menu. You will be provided with multiple options for changing the appearance of the date. 
  5. Select the format you wish to use and then select the Apply Format button. 
    • You can use the Clear Format button to revert to the default appearance.



Did You Know

  • These steps can be applied to format any field. The screenshot below shows the formatting options for the Full Name of an Originating Attorney. 


  • If you view the document on a larger monitor, then the formatting options may be visible to you without having to click on the field.



It is best practice to not use Microsoft Word field or font options when formatting your fields. You should only format your fields using the options provided in the Smokeball toolbar to ensure functionality.

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