Mobile App Basics

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Use the Mobile App to get quick and easy access to all your matters, files, calendar, contacts, tasks, and time & fee information.

Any action you take on Smokeball's Mobile App syncs with the Smokeball application. Use the Mobile app to be in control of your practice from anywhere at any time.

Note: The Mobile App is not a full function Smokeball Application meaning you cannot create documents due to not having Word on your phone. If you are looking for a complete application when you are on the go, we recommend purchasing a Surface Pro with the proper specifications for running Smokeball.

Download the Mobile App below:

How to use Smokeball's Mobile App

  • When you open the Mobile App, the Daily Digest will appear.
    • The Daily Digest includes all important Calendar Events and Tasks for that particular day.
    • Select the "^" arrow at the bottom of the screen to get quick access to the key features of the Mobile App. Select the arrow to minimize the screen to return to the home screen.
    • Quick add any Contact, Event, Task, or Time Entry.

  • There are two ways to search for any Contacts, Calendar Events, Matters, and Tasks

  • Use the filters to edit your search criteria

  • Select the "Home" button on the bottom left to return at any time to the home screen.

  • Access your Matters, Calendar, Time Entries, Contacts, and Tasks
    • Review the individual articles on each feature for more information on each feature.

The Mobile App includes all your important details from your Matters including Matter Contacts, Files, Tasks, and Calendar Events, Time, and even your Notes.


Easy access on the go to your Calendar. Review, edit, or create Calendar Events from the Mobile App.


Review, edit, or create Time and Fee entries


Review, edit, or create Contacts directly from the Mobile App.

You can even use the Contact to call, email, or pull up their address in your Maps application.


Review, edit, complete or create Tasks.

Did You Know 

You can upload files and photos from your phone to a matter by selecting the icon and choosing the appropriate option.

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