Smokeball Start - Basic Navigation

Smokeball Start has everything you need for billing in one place.

This article will walk you through how to navigate around Smokeball Start.

Note: To Utilize Smokeball Start, you must use Google Chrome for your Web Browser

Basic Navigation of Smokeball Start

  • Smokeball Start's Home Screen gives you access to everything you need
    • (1) Matters, Contacts, Time & Fees, Invoices, Accounts, and Reports Views. 
      • Select the ">" to expand the icons for a description.
    • (2) List of options/filters available for the view you select on the left side.
    • (3) Timer, Settings, Support link, and Search functionality. Learn more about Firm Settings.
    • (4) Quickly add matters, contacts, time/fees, expenses, credits, trust/operating retainer funds.

  • Overview of Smokeball Start Views

Create and access all your Matters. Use the filters to narrow your view by Matter Type, Matter Status, Attorney Responsible, and Trust Balance. Scroll through or search for matters using the search bar. Searching can be done by client name, other side name, or matter number.

Select any Matter to review the Matter. Learn more about Matters.


Access to all your contacts. The Contacts View is where you can create contacts and manage debtors with payment plans.

Select any contact to see additional details including contact information, matters, all invoices, transactions in trust & operating retainer accounts, and individual client payment plansLearn more about Payment Plans.

Time & Fees

The Time & Fees View is where you can review, edit, or create time, fee, and expense entries for any Matter.   On the Expenses tab you can also print, view or create Operating Checks. Learn more about Operating Checks.



Whether you are responsible for creating, editing, and finalizing all invoices, or creating drafts for Attorneys to review, the Invoices View is where you can find what you need.

Use the filters to access any individual invoices, bulk create invoices, bulk finalize with payments, and send out your reminders. Learn more about all the features in the Invoices View.


Accounts are where you will manage all your Trust and Operating Retainer and Credit transactions. You can also review your ledger and credit memos here. Smokeball Billing has powerful features to help you manage your accounts including Evergreen Retainer and Bank Reconciliation. Learn more about managing your Trust and Operating Retainer in Smokeball Billing.


Smokeball Start has the reports you need to manage all aspects of the billing cycle including trust, invoicing, matter overview, and time/expenses reports. All reports include filters to customize your view and can be printed or exported as a PDF or CSV file. 

Learn more about Billing Reporting.


Timer, Settings, and Search Overview


If you want to manually track any time, Smokeball Start has a Timer feature. Select "add timer" to get started. Enter a subject line and search for the matter related to the timed entry.  Use the complete button when ready to turn the timer into a time entry. Multiple timers can be used at once and paused if multitasking.

Billing Settings

Select the "gear" to log out or access your Billing Settings. Learn more about Billing Settings.


Search for anything in Smokeball Billing by using client name, other side name or matter description. As you search, suggested results will appear. Select "see all results" for a more detailed search that includes contacts, matters, and invoices.


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