Billing Reports

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Smokeball Billing has the reports you need to manage all aspects of the billing cycle, including trust, invoicing, matter overview, and time/expenses reports. 

All reports include filters to customize your view and can be printed or exported as a PDF or CSV file. 

If you can't find the information in the reports you need or have a request for a new report, reach out to your Account Manager or submit a ticket to

Billing reports overview

  • All Billing Reports are located in the Reports page of Smokeball Billing. 
    • Select the report you want to run and add filters to customize it.
    • You can generate the report, download a CSV/PDF, or print directly from Smokeball Billing.


List of standard billing reports

Account Balance Payments

This report shows payments and payment reversals from the operating retainer and trust accounts.

Account Balance Receipts

This report shows deposit and deposit reversals from the operating retainer and trust accounts.

Account Balance Transfers

This report shows transfers to matters and/or contacts from operating retainer and trust accounts.

Account Balances

This report shows the balance and transactions of the operating and trust accounts. Use this report to see everything that changed in your accounts over a period of time.

Account Statements

A robust matter report showing all information related to any matter or client, including time and expenses, invoices, account balances, and ledger. Use this report to see anything that has happened on a matter.

Accounts Receivable

A report showing finalized invoices during a timeframe and whether they have paid or outstanding balances. Use this report to see the status of all the invoices billed in that timeframe.

Aging Summary

A report showing a summary of invoices that are aging, raging from 1-90 days and beyond. Use this report to determine which invoices are outstanding.

Audit Logs

A report showing creations, additions, deletions, and amendments of client and matter information in Smokeball Billing.

Credit History

A report showing all credits added and applied to your invoices and matters.

Income Allocation

A time and payment report showing the breakdown of invoiced and collected amounts for originating attorneys and timekeepers. Use this report to help with compensation plan calculations and determine how much time was billed in a given timeframe.

Invoice History

A report showing all invoices generated within a time period. You can group the history by matter, contact, attorney, or area of law. Use this report to see a list of invoices generated during any month.

Ledger Export

A report showing all invoices and payments for a matter or contact within a date range. In addition, this report gives you a running ledger for any matter. Use this report to see all the payments entered or which payments were included in any bank deposits.

Matter Balances

This report shows a financial summary for all matters. This includes total billed and paid, unbilled and unpaid, cash retainer, trust balance, write-offs, and discounts. Use this report to manage risk, improve cash flow, and see which accounts have funds in the operating retainer.

Potential Bulk Trust Payment

A report showing invoices where trust payments may be issued for any transaction where trust account funds are not being applied.

Retainer Statements

A report providing the trust balance for an individual client, an individual matter, or all matters.

Time Write Downs

This report will allow users to assess the original duration and the current duration of time entries along with write-offs to determine the total amount adjusted.

Time Expense Entries

A report showing a list of all time and expense entries. Use this report to see all time, fees, or expenses recorded by a timekeeper or on a matter.

Trust Balances

A report showing a list of trust balances for matters and contacts. Use this report to review a list of all trust balances or where trust reconciliation has discrepancies.

Trust Receipts

A report showing deposits and deleted deposits to the trust account.

Work in Progress

A report that shows all unbilled entries for timekeepers in the timeframe selected. Use this report to analyze unbilled entries to determine whether to write off or bill the entries.

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