Smokeball Reports

Smokeball features many powerful reports which can be used to optimize your firm’s work routines, keep track of your deadlines, or maintain strong relationships with your clients. This article describes what each report does and their purpose.

You can access reports by selecting the Reports button on the left side of your screen. Use the Select Report drop-down menu to choose which report to view. 

Matter reports

Matter – Full List

Use this report to generate printer-friendly readouts of all your matters. You can filter the report by attorney responsible and the person assisting, which cannot be done when exporting your matters from the Matters tab. You also can filter multiple matter types, set a date range filter, and even organize your reports using your custom tags.

Matter – Referral List

This report shows your matter’s referrals. This report also includes a billing amount column which can be used to help calculate referral fees. You can apply date range filters and use the Group By filter to organize the report by referral type or referrer.

Matter – Archiving

List of closed matters that have been archived. Learn more about archiving matters.

Matter Next Steps

Run this report to generate an overview of the progress of all your matters based on the current task and/or workflow step.

Matter – Referral Agreements

This report displays all your matters with referral agreements.

Matter Closed List

This report provides an overview of all your closed matters in the designated period.

Matter Days in Stage

This report indicates how much time each matter spends in a specific stage. You can optimize your firm’s internal processes by reviewing how long it took to get through stages in closed matters as well.

Client reports

Client Full List

Use this report to generate a printer-friendly readout of all your clients. You can apply filters to sort the report by date opened, matter type, city, or county.

Client Birthday List

Use this report to view all your clients’ birthdays and to send them cards or gifts. We advise always setting the Date Opened From filter to the day your firm started using Smokeball to ensure that all your clients are included. Clients who are deceased will not be included. 

Lead reports

Lead – Full List

This report is similar to the matter and contact full list reports but limited exclusively to your leads. However, this report can be uniquely filtered by the age of the lead.

Lead – Open and Next Steps

This report is similar to the matter next steps repot, but it is exclusive to leads.

Lead Days in Stage

This is similar to the Matter Days in Stage report but is exclusive to leads.

Real estate reports

Real Estate – Full List

Use this report to view the property addresses in your buy or sell matters and as a tool for scheduling closings. This report will also provide an overview of real estate disputes, foreclosures, and tax appeals.

Real Estate – Realtor Report

This report lists all the real estate agents on your matters in the designated period, including both your client’s realtor(s) and the realtor(s) of any other involved parties.

My Realtor Activity

This report only shows realtors who work with you directly. It shows the number of matters associated with each realtor as well as the total value of the properties across these matters. This report can be used for maintaining your professional contact base or for estimating the amount of money owed to you on sell matters.

Real Estate – Closing Report

Run this report to view all your upcoming closings.

Real Estate – Critical Dates

This report is only relevant to Illinois real estate matters. This report allows you to view all your real estate matters’ most important dates in one location.

Litigation reports

Global Litigation Report

This broader litigation report shows complaint file dates in addition to any relevant statute of limitation dates. It will also include litigation matters without statute of limitations dates.

Litigation – Pleadings Details

This report tracks all the important litigation dates that were entered under your matters’ case details sections.

Statute of Limitations

This report provides an overview of your matters’ statute of limitations for the current period. Use this report to also check the filing status for each matter.

Global Settlement Negotiations Report

Use this report to view the state of all your matters’ negotiations. This report can be filtered by demand date and outstanding demands.

Criminal reports

Criminal Disposition Report

Use this report to track the process and case outcomes of all your criminal matters.

Personal Injury/Workers Compensation reports

Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation (PI/WC) Global Document Request Report

This report provides a list of your personal injury and worker’s compensation document requests. Use this report to see which document requests are still outstanding. You can filter this report by matter type, medical provider, or record status.

Other useful reports

Event List

This report provides an overview of all your firm’s calendar events. You can filter the report by staff calendar. If you need to print out your calendar events, we advise taking advantage of this report’s advanced filtering options instead of printing directly from the Calendar tab.

Global Discovery Deadlines

Use this deadline report to track which discovery requests have been made and to note which requests have yet to be satisfied.

Authorized Contact List

Use this report to view all contacts assigned the "Authorized Contact" role on your matters.

Co-Counsel List

Use this report to view all contacts assigned the "Co-Counsel" role on your matters. 


Q: Is it possible to generate a birthday report for all contacts?

A: At this time, the birthday report only applies to clients and not all contacts. 

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