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Time is displayed in decimal units indicating a fraction of an hour on invoices and when manually entering time. 

When using time increments other than the standard 6-minute or 15-minute interval, it can be difficult to enter time as a decimal.

Time in Units will help do the math of converting your time duration into a decimal.

Entering Time in Units

  • When entering time using the New Time/Fee Entry button within the matter, Quick Add form, or the Time Entry Review panel, you now have the option to view your time entries in units as a duration.
  • If you select "Units", enter your time according to your billing increment setting. For example:
    • If your billing increment is set to 1 minute and you want to create a fee with a duration of 32 minutes, enter '32' in the "Duration" field.
    • If your billing increment is set to 6 minutes and you want to create a fee with a duration of 24 minutes, then enter '4' in the "Duration" field.

New Time/Fee Entry Window:

Quick Add Form:

  • After you enter the duration, switching between "Units" and "Hours" will calculate the fee based on the two value types. The "Hours" field is now rounded to 5 decimal points for accuracy.
  • Also, use the "Time" field for better insight as to the exact hours and minutes you are entering.

Set Time in Units as Default 

  • If you wish to enter your time in units by default, this can be configured here: Firm Settings > Staff & Users > Staff > Billing.

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