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Learn how to view and edit AutoTime entries captured by Smokeball to ensure you're billing for the right work.

Haven't set up AutoTime yet? Get started using our AutoTime setup guide.

To view all entries for a particular day, select the Time & Disbursements tab on the Smokeball desktop app.

TheĀ Time & FeesĀ tab is essentially your timesheet, and by default, it will display all time entries for today's date for the current user. Click on the date to select another date to view, or select a date from the timeline at the bottom of the screen.


To change the user you are viewing, select the name of the current user, located next to the date.

You can also view AutoTime entries related to a specific matter by opening the matter, then selecting theĀ Time & Disbursements tab from the matter window.

Editing an AutoTime entry

To edit an entry, select it from the list, then make the necessary changes on the right panel. You can also double-click on the entry to edit it in a new window.


You can edit any AutoTime entry at any time, until it is included in an invoice. Once an entry has been included in an invoice, the invoice number will be displayed on theĀ Billed? column.


Manually finalise pending entries

Any AutoTime entries created on today's date will be listed asĀ pending. AutoTime entries are updated throughout the day and are finalised overnight, when they are pushed through to Smokeball Billing.

You can manually finalise entries immediately to send them to Smokeball Billing:

  1. From theĀ Time & Disbursements tab, selectĀ Review AutoTime.
  2. Select Auto create time entries now.

If the entry is pending, you can also select to exclude it from the AutoTime run. This effectively deletes the entry as it won't go through finalisation.

To delete finalised entries, right-click on them and select Delete Fee.


Reviewing finalised entries in the Smokeball Web App

Once entries have been finalised, they will appear within the Smokeball Web App. To view entries across all matters, select Time/Fees from the left menu.


To view entries related to a specific matter, open the matter in Smokeball Billing, then navigate to theĀ Time & FeesĀ tab.

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