Getting Started with AutoTime

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+ AutoTime_only.png

AutoTime is a time and activity tracking feature built into Smokeball that automatically captures time spent working in Smokeball. Never manually track time again!

With AutoTime, you can bill up to 10-30% more since you'll be tracking more time in Smokeball.

How to set up and use AutoTime

  1. Follow our guide to set up AutoTime for your firm.
  2. Once AutoTime is enabled, all you need to do is start working in Smokeball. As you work, time spent on Matter Administration, Events, Documents, Emails, Messages, Memos, Calls, and Tasks is tracked. Learn more about activities tracked in Smokeball.

How AutoTime works

Every night, AutoTime will take all your recorded activities and automatically create time entries for you.

You can review entries at any time by opening the Time & Disbursements tab. Learn more about editing and manually finalising AutoTime entries.

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