Smokeball Billing Release - May 2023

Check out what's new in Smokeball Billing for the month of May.

New Features

Dormant Trust Balances Report

The Dormant Trust Balances Report provides a list of trust balances that are dormant or approaching dormancy.

This report is usually generated in response to requests from auditors but also helps your firm address trust balances before they become dormant.

The following filters are available for this report:

  • Trust Account - a trust account must be selected to run the report.
  • As at Date - shows the balance of the trust account as of the date specified in the report. Only matters with a balance above $0 will show. By default, the date is set to today's date.
  • Dormant Since - shows matters with the Last Transaction Date older or equal to this date. By default, this is one year prior to today's date.
  • Person Responsible - show data specific to one, multiple, or all staff members selected in this filter.

The following columns will be displayed in the report:

  • Matter Number
  • Client
  • Matter Type
  • Matter Description
  • Person Responsible
  • Last Transaction Date
  • Trust Balance
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