How Communicate makes messaging and file sharing secure

Cyber crime has rapidly increased in recent years, with email fraud being the primary tactic of attackers. As a result, email is now deemed insecure.

To combat the threat of cyber crime, Smokeball has created a secure messaging and file sharing platform called Communicate.

Perfect for sharing Trust Account Details or sending  large contracts that your email cannot handle

Communicate is built into Smokeball, you will find it across the top menu from your homescreen, or across the top menu on each matter. You can also access Communicate via the Communicate App on your phone.

Third parties, such as your clients, can access Communicate in an internet browser or via the Communicate App on their phone.

Using Communicate for messaging and file sharing is the best practice for confidential, and secure communication with clients.

Using Communicate you can:

  • Send and receive internal direct messages in real time with other staff in your firm
  • Send and receive secure messages with your clients or third parties (agents etc)
  • Send and receive secure files internally, to clients or to third parties (clients, agents etc)


  • The knowledge that you can send and receive sensitive information and documents with peace of mind
  • Receive notifications in real time in Smokeball or on your phone when using the Communicate App
  • Once a conversation has started between yourself and a third party, all messages will continue to appear within that conversation
  • Easily locate any shared files in a separate tab, saving scrolling through loads of messages
  • Easily locate any messages without searching through numerous emails

What makes Communicate Secure?

  • Initiating via Smokeball: A conversation can only be initiated within Smokeball by a registered Smokeball user. third parties can be confident that conversations received from you are legitimate and secure.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Communicate has optional two factor authentication for recipients to gain access to any information. Even if email information or password information is compromised, hackers will not be able to access Communicate messages or files sharing without access to your mobile phone.
  • Data Encryption: All messages are encrypted and unable to be intercepted by third parties while they are in transit or at rest.
  • Device / IP Address Memory: Unless you are using a trusted device, Communicate will require two factor identification.
  • Security Monitoring: Communicate uses Auth0 technology with constant monitoring for unknown identities attempting to gain access. Learn more about Auth0 and their security, privacy, and compliance.
  • Terminated Access: If for any reason your trusted device has been compromised, it is quick and easy to remove anyone involved in the conversation from accessing your Communicate conversations.
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