How to use the Activity Intelligence (AI) view

Activity Intelligence (AI) is a very unique productivity and business analytic tool that is helpful for:

  • seeing everything completed over time or a custom date range
  • generating an itemised list of completed activities to make sure everything is billed properly
  • knowing how much work you are completing for your rate or if staff is over/under utilised

In this article, learn how to:

Prefer to watch a video? View the video below: 

Navigate to the A.I. View from the Smokeball: Home Screen

  1. Select Month/Date Range
  2. Select to see a specific staff member or all staff
  3. Add an Activity, Print Activity, or Export Activity to CSV
  4. Hover mouse over timeline for additional info on a particular day
  5. Add or Change Duration

Open a matter from activity list

Simply open a matter by clicking the hyperlink. Each Matter has an activity tab as well

Refresh activity list

If not all your activities are listed, click on refresh to update the list

Create Additional Activity

If there are additional activities that haven't been traced, simply enter a separate activity and link it to the relevant matter:


  • Duration is in the format of hh:mm
  • Remember to enter a matter in the activity by typing the client's  name or click on BROWSE

Additional tip

You can easily change month or select custom date range by clicking on text

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