Use the Activity View

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

The Activity tab in Smokeball is a very unique productivity and business analytic tool that is helpful for:

  • seeing everything completed over time or a custom date range
  • generating an itemised list of completed activities to make sure everything is billed properly
  • knowing how much work you are completing for your rate or if staff is over/underutilised

To view all activities performed by staff members on any given day, select Activity from the left menu in Smokeball.

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Select the appropriate staff member (or multiple members) from the Staff drop-down in the left-hand panel.

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In the same panel, you can also use additional filters to only view Activities from Matters and/or Leads, as well as only viewing particular types of activity.

You can also choose from Day/Week/Month options, and move backwards to view earlier time periods.

Refresh activity list

If not all your activities are listed, click on refresh to update the list.

All the relevant individual Activities will be displayed in the main part of the window together with a summary timeline and pie chart.

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Create an additional activity

If there are additional activities that haven't been traced, simply enter a separate activity and link it to the relevant matter.

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