Track time from activities completed in Smokeball

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Smokeball's Activity Intelligence helps keep track of everything you are doing in Smokeball.

Rather than spend extra time trying to remember everything you completed for a client, use Activity Intelligence to save time and ensure you don't miss billing anything you do for a client. It is quick and easy to create a time entry from Activity intelligence.

What does Activity Intelligence track?

Activity Intelligence will track the following types of Activities in Smokeball: 

  • Matter Opened¬†- the time it takes to open a New Matter in Smokeball and input the data
  • Event¬†- the time allocated to a calendar event in Smokeball
  • Task¬†- the time allocated to a completed Task in Smokeball
  • Document¬†- the time it takes to generate and edit¬†a document in Smokeball
  • Email¬†- the time it takes to generate and edit an email sent from Smokeball
  • Memo¬†- the time it takes to generate and edit a memo created in Smokeball
  • Matter Administration¬†- the time it takes to amend data entered on a Smokeball Matter

How to Use Activity Intelligence for Time Entries

  1. Open your Matter and navigate to the Activity tab
  2. To add an Activity as a Time Entry for invoicing purposes, click the 'add' button

  3. You can amend the description and associated time on an Activity by clicking the '...' button next to the add button.
  4. Once you have added an Activity, it will appear on the Time & Disbursements tab
  5. Learn how to add in an Activity completed outside of Smokeball.

Did you know...

  • The¬†default hourly rate¬†that you have¬†set up¬†will be applied to any Activities added to the Time & Disbursements tab
  • You can¬†amend the hourly rate¬†applied to a Time Code by¬†double-clicking on the entry¬†from the Time & Disbursements tab
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