Set Up Default Hourly Rate

You can enter a default hourly rate for each staff member that uses Smokeball using the below method.

Activate Time & Expenses

  1. Navigate to Smokeball Settings Cog Wheel
  2. Click on Time & Billing tab
  3. Make sure Time & Expenses is enabled
  4. Ensure the GST rate is set to 10% and if your firm is Registered for GST, ensure the checkbox is ticked 

Set a staff member's default hourly rate

  1. From the Smokeball Settings Staff & Users tab, double click to open a staff card
  2. Click on the Billing tab under the staff member's details
  3. Enter your hourly billing rate excluding GST and save

Did you know...
  • The default hourly rate will be applicable for time entries added from Time Codes, Activity Intelligence, Time Finder and AutoTime - however, the default hourly rate can always be overwritten 
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