Enter a time or fixed fee entry

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Learn how to enter time and fixed fee entries in Smokeball to keep track of billable and fixed work. 

If you’re on Smokeball Prosper, consider using AutoTime to automatically generate time entries based on activity in Smokeball. 

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Smokeball Desktop App

  1. Select an existing matter, then select the Time & Disbursements tab.
  2. Select Time/Fee to open the Time/Fee entry window.
  3. Enter the date, then indicate the type of entry in the Duration section:
    • Select Fixed to enter fixed fees. When you select this, enter the fixed amount in the Rate field.
    • Select Hrs to record time entries in hours. Then, enter the hourly rate amount in the Rate field.
      The calculated amount will show up in the Amount field, inclusive of GST.
    • Select Units to record custom time. 1 unit is equal to 6 minutes. Then, record the rate amount.
      Learn how to change unit increments to suit your firm's needs.
  4. Select the Billable toggle if this entry is billable or select the Write Off toggle to write off the amount.
  5. Enter a subject and description for the entry. These fields are optional but note they will show up in billing invoices.
    • Set up activity codes so you can use the Activity drop-down menu to automatically fill in most of these fields and save time entering the same time or fixed fee entry.
  6. Select Save, or Save & New if you wish to enter several more entries.

Note: You can also access the Time & Disbursements window from the Time & Disbursements tab. Any entries created here must be assigned to a matter before saving.

Quickly enter and review manual entries

You can also create time and fixed fee entries from the bar at the top of the Time & Fees tab in a matter.

Edit existing entries at a glance using the right-hand panel.


Manually record time using the Time Finder

The Time Finder is a feature that helps you convert activities into time entries. Learn more about the Time Finder to ensure you do not miss out on potential billable hours and profit.

Next Steps

Once you’ve learned how to enter time or fixed fee entries, learn how to enter your firm costs and disbursements.

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